About us

Mission Statement

To inspire & motivate those going through extreme adverse situations whether it be mental, medical, physical, or environmental to look at their situation with a positive light. We want to create a culture that proudly talks about and displays the struggles along the way as our purpose & opportunity to unite, educate, & lift others up. Through our athlete leadership team we'll share our stories & experiences while continuing to lead by example on a daily basis, with the purpose of creating a new generation full of hope, fulfillment, and belief.   


L.A. Aguayo- Owner/CEO

L.A. Aguayo has been on a mission to create a new mindset in the bleeding disorders community. Having a chronic disorder can easily create a sense of negativity and loss of hope in your family. The key is to understand that we are not alone and that success is a choice. Leading by example I've set off on a journey to change negative habits and focus on the greatness that comes from living with a chronic condition. I made a promise to never stop chasing my dreams and I want to encourage others to do the same.

One thing that I found out was that having a constant reminder of what you represent and what you fight for keeps you pushing your limits day in and day out.

Factor up, put on your #HemoLife gear loud and proud and lets make some noise!



Jay Garman- General Manager/ Speaker / Advocate

Jay Garman is 31 years old and was born with severe hemophilia A. He's happily married and has two amazing children. Jay has joined the #HemoLife team because he has a unique perspective, story, and passion for the community that makes him an asset to our team. Jay not only believes in our culture he lives it by example every single day. Jay grew up pushing his limits with physical activity and athletics and never accepted the fact that he couldn't do what his heart desired. He's been tested mentally and physically throughout his journey battling depression and injuries, but he keeps coming back stronger each time. Contact the #HemoLife page if interested in hiring Jay Garman for speaking engagements. His story is both captivating and inspiring! Overcoming adversity doesn't happen by accident. Jay works diligently on creating a mindset, new habits, and environment that he can thrive in. He's always willing to share this information and help others grow.


 Email all inquires to laaguayo1@yahoo.com or click the "Send Us a Message" button below