The Assistance Fund

The Assistance Fund

The Assistance Fund

The assistance fund is a new program I found out about recently that helps hemophiliacs with copays, premiums, and other healthcare needs. As soon as I heard about this I signed up immediately. I figured if I could get reimbursed for my monthly premium that would help me out a lot financially. The sign up process is super simple as it only took me 5 minutes to complete. It's almost shocking how simple it is. The final page said congrats you have been approved. I was extremely sceptical because it seemed too good to be true. In a couple of days after I got a phone call of someone calling me to confirm some information and let me know I was approved and that I should expect a letter in the mail. Within the next week I received a debit card from PNC Bank that said The Assistance Fund at the top and the letter said the money would be deposited on this card. I was never really told what kind of documentation I would need to get the money added on the card, so I did my own research on their website and learned that they had a document uploader. I added every document that I thought they would need to prove my payment of my premium and assumed I would be good. Two weeks went by and no money was added to my account and nobody has contacted me. I decided to give them a call and they said they informed me that I was missing a document they needed. I wish they would have notified me of that, but nonetheless I uploaded it through their online system. Just because I was a bit angry I decided to also print out all the documents and mail it in to their business address. At this point they are behind about 4 premium payments but I'm going to stay on them to make sure this is a legit resource for our community. If it does work it's going to save me a lot of money each month and I'm sure we could all benefit from that.

It won't hurt to try. If you're interested in this program I listed some information below.

What do you guys think? Is this a legit resource for us? Do you have an experience with them?

Hemophilia Financial Assistance Program

An inherited bleeding disorder caused by deficiency of coagulation factor VIII (hemophilia A), factor IX (hemophilia B), or factor XI (hemophilia C)

Provide financial assistance for medication copays, health insurance premiums, and basic healthcare needs to children and adults.

Program Phone Number: (844) 282-5802